​ 【Full Record of FISU】Champions of FISU and Examples to Youth Stepping into the Athletes’ Village for the 31st FISU Summer World University Games 2021 and Cloud-sharing Their Stories
Author:Li Yanxia          Source:Press Center         Date:2020-05-25

On May 22, the activity “‘Realize Every Dream in Chengdu’——The Trip of Champions of FISU and Examples to Youth to Chengdu” was initiated at the new library in Chengdu University. The team of officers collecting innovative schemes for the opening and closing ceremonies of Chengdu FISU, consisting of two champions of FISU, Cao Yifei and Wu Mengran, as well as three “Examples to Youth, Hou Letian, both Pianist and Founder of Chinese musical comedy, Yu Langyong, the star chef and Cao Yaya, Postmaster of Panda Post Office, came into the Athlete’s Village, Chengdu University, thus unveiling its “mysterious veil by cloud-sharing their stories about FISU through live broadcast.

Sports veterans Cao Yifei and Wu Mengran shared their stories about FISU. “Honor will be obtained only through assiduous and painstaking training. Cao Yifei hoped that those who would attend the 31st FISU would achieve good results. Wu Mengran performed rhythmic gymnastics with the unique charm of Chengdu, and the audience before the display was absorbed in her elegant appearance. Three “Examples to Youth related on the spot cultural elements of Chengdu and their own fascination for Chengdu, and hoped that more people would experience the charm of Chengdu-“Three-City, Three-Metropolis and get access to the preparations for Chengdu FISU. Meanwhile, they also called on more people to participate in the collection of innovative schemes for the opening and closing ceremonies of Chengdu FISU. Gu Chenglong, a teacher from College of Physical Education of Chengdu University also shared his own complex of FISU.