【Full Record of Universiade】 International Student Manivong Koung Appointed as the Volunteer Ambassador of Chengdu Universiade
Author:Wang Mingke          Source:Youth League Committee of Chengdu University         Date:2020-12-07

On December 5, on the occasion of the 35th International Volunteer Day, the Executive Committee of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games Chengdu 2021 (Chengdu Universiade) held the launching ceremony of the recruitment of volunteers for the Universiade by the Jincheng Lake, Chengdu, released the recruitment plan of volunteers for the Universiade, and gave all sectors of society an invitation that "Chengdu is waiting for you".

At the launching ceremony, Manivong Koung, an international student volunteer from Chengdu University, together with Deng Yaping, an Olympic champion, Li Yundi, Chinese contemporary young pianist, Pan Tao, CCTV News host, Bi Nan, Sichuan Airlines hero crew chief, Feng Jiamei, member of All-China Youth Federation, Fu Xi, volunteer representative of Beijing Olympic Games, Hu Yang, representative of fire officers and soldiers in the “8.16 Jintang catastrophic flood fighting and rescue”, Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting, representatives of the group medal winners of Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xian, member of All-China Youth Federation and "raincoat sister" who rushed to Wuhan to help fight against the pandemic, Mu Wenping, a front-line representative of J-20 R&D, and Tang Ke, an advanced individual of youth volunteer service against the pandemic in the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, were jointly appointed as volunteer ambassadors for Chengdu Universiade. As outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life, the volunteer ambassadors will give full play to their respective specialties and actively participate in the promotion of Chengdu Universiade.