International Student Short-term Group Projects of Chengdu University

Ø Time:

Summer Project: July 1 - July 30 every year

Winter Project: December 15 every year - January 15 next year
Provisional Project: any time at the request of the sender

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Ø Requirements:

1. Number of People: 10 and more

2. Age: not limited. For underage students, the sender should, in accordance with the laws of the country in which it is located, go through the legal procedures necessary for organizing the entry and exit of minors in advance, and assign people to act as the guardian of the students during their stay in China.

3. The sender should apply for the students' visas in accordance with the regulations.

Ø Fees:

1. Accommodation: RMB 50/person/day (four-bed room) or RMB 70/person/day (double room).

2. Dining: Three meals a day. Meal standards can be determined upon the request of the sender.

3. Courses: Customized upon the request of the sender. Courses available include Chinese experience course, Chinese improvement course, HSK courses (beginner level to advanced level), Chinese culture experience course, and Chinese culture practice course. Fees will be charged according to the relevant regulations of the university.

4. Fees for books and course materials will be charged according to the actual expenses.

5. Vehicles: RMB 800-1,200 for a minibus, RMB 1,200-2,000 for a bus (based on the vehicle type, period of use and off/peak seasons).

6. Management fee and tax: 18.33% of the total amount.