Scientific Research

In accordance with the strategic layout of national economic and social development, especially regional major development, the University focuses on adapting to regional industrial agglomeration areas, key pillar industries and emerging industries, and continuously improves the level of scientific research service and supporting capacity. It has built seven provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, including the the Sichuan Provincial Research Institute of Thai Studies approved by the Ministry of Education as a centre for state and regional studies, and eight provincial and departmental research platforms, including the Center for Early Childhood Education Research approved by the Education Department of Sichuan Province. 

Additionally, the university has 21 university-level research centers, one high-level research team of social sciences in Sichuan Province—the Research Team of the Integrated Urban and Rural Education Development, and two innovative teams approved by the Education Department of Sichuan Province based on Internet Plus research on the new education model of integrating ideological and political work with student affairs. In the past five years, the university has undertaken 35 national projects, including 29 projects of National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC) and six projects of China National Arts Fund (CNAF). It ranks top ten and top three among Sichuan's universities in terms of the number of approved NSSFC projects and approved CNAF projects respectively. In recent five years, the university has spent more than RMB 150 million on scientific research, with an average annual research expenditure up to RMB 30 million

A Study of Physical Object-Referring Terms in the Three Rites was included in the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2015. Go Home for the Spring Festival won the first prize in the Socialist Core Values Animation Competition sponsored in 2016 by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China. Over the past five years, the university has received 26 scientific research awards at provincial, ministerial or higher levels, including two first-class awards, four second-class ones and 20 third-class ones. A Study of Physical Object-Referring Terms in the Three Rites also won the first prize of the 17th Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award of Sichuan Province in 2017. Moreover, the university has published 411 articles on the platform of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and 397 monographs and teaching materials in recent five years.

Local Services

Given Chengdu's needs for developing a modern industrial system and functional areas of five major industries and five key fields, the university has established an ecosystem of "interaction between the government, universities and enterprises, and integration of enterprises, universities and research institutions". It has also cooperated with other units to set up Chengdu Journalism Academy, the Research Institute of Tianfu Culture, Chengdu Literature Center, Chengdu Football Academy, Chengdu Research Institute, Chengdu Tourism Research Institute, and Chengdu Convention & Exhibition Economy Development Research Institute. The university has also established the only Children Sports Development Research Center in China.