Chengdu University Inaugurates the First Short-term International Student Class from Prince of Songkla University
Author:Lai Shuhan          Source:College of Foreign Languages and Cultures         Date:2024-06-25

Understanding China, Communicating with the World. On the afternoon of May 11, the opening ceremony for the first short-term international student program from Thailand’s Prince of Songkla University was held in Conference Room 1002 at the Life Service Center. Ninety-one new students from the International Institute of Prince of Songkla University officially began their studies at Chengdu University.

This March, the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures signed an exchange student cooperation agreement with the International Institute of Prince of Songkla University. According to the agreement, Thai exchange students will undertake a two-month exchange study program at Chengdu University, focusing on the Chinese language, business communication skills, and Chinese cultural experiences.

Xu Qingrong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, stated, “The Prince of Songkla University international student program is the largest short-term international student program the University has launched in recent years. This program marks a breakthrough in the College's efforts to cultivate international students. The College of Foreign Languages and Cultures will seize the opportunity presented by the cultivation of international students to strengthen the building of systems and mechanisms for international talent training. We aim to train more high-quality international skilled talents from countries along the Belt and Road, further enhancing the internationalization capabilities of both the School and the University, and contributing to building a community with a shared future for mankind."

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Sudrudee Bamrung, Head of the Department of Asian Studies at the International Institute of Prince of Songkla University, Dr. Emeela Wae-esor, Assistant Dean, Dr. Yupin Karanyadech, a teacher at the institute, along with leaders from our University’s Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, and Department of Thai Language, and the class advisers and course instructors of the international student program.

Li Jian, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, welcomed the international students to Chengdu University. He introduced the achievements of the University’s internationalization strategy and encouraged the students to actively utilize the resources and platforms provided by the University to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, deeply appreciate the unique charm of Chinese civilization, understand China’s modernization development process, work diligently, and build dreams in their youth. He expressed hope that the students would build bridges of friendship among the youth of the two universities, promote in-depth international cooperation, and contribute to the economic and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand.

Bai Yang, Deputy Dean in charge of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, stated that the College actively implements the University’s international development strategy, promotes international exchanges among teachers and students, expands international perspectives, and is committed to exploring and implementing new concepts and pathways for internationalization in talent training and international exchanges. He hoped the international students would integrate into the Chengdu University family, seize the opportunity to study in Chengdu, and become ambassadors of mutual cultural understanding and appreciation, writing a wonderful chapter in international training together with the University’s teachers and students.

Dr. Sudrudee Bamrung, representing the teachers of Prince of Songkla University, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and the meticulous course arrangements. She hoped that the teachers and students of both universities would cultivate deep friendships through exchanges and interactions and wished the students an exciting and unforgettable study experience.

Liu Jiale, an outstanding student from the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, spoke on behalf of the students, sharing suggestions and encouragement for the international students learning Chinese. Cao Jingting, a student from the Department of Thai Language of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, performed the traditional Chinese musical pieceFisherman’s Song at Eventide on the guzheng, showcasing the charm of traditional Chinese folk music.

The international students expressed their expectations and aspirations for the new learning environment and content. They were all very pleased to come to China to study, praised the beautiful facilities such as the sports venues, classrooms, and libraries at Chengdu University, and expressed their gratitude for the patience and help from the teachers and students. They hoped to study hard and achieve good results.

Editor: Min Xiuling Executive Editor: Li Jie