Chengdu University Signs Cooperation Memorandum with Kuzbass State Technical University
Author:Gao Ya          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2024-06-25

On the morning of June 12, Yakovlev Aleksey Nikolayevich, President of Kuzbass State Technical University in Russia, along with his delegation, visited Chengdu University. Zhu Ming, President of Chengdu University, met with the guests in Conference Room 112 of Teaching Building 14. Both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on educational cooperation and signed an inter-university cooperation memorandum.

Zhu Ming heartfeltly welcomed the visitors and provided an overview of Chengdu University's history, discipline development, faculty and internationalization efforts. Over the past decade, the university has made significant strides, achieving notable results. Five disciplines—Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Clinical Medicine—are ranked in the top 1% globally in the Essential Science Indicators (ESI). The university has established cooperative relationships with 187 universities and institutions across 41 countries and regions, forming a "circle of friends" that spans five continents. Zhu Ming emphasized that President Aleksey Nikolayevich's visit has laid a solid foundation for friendly cooperation between the two universities. He looked forward to leveraging the signed memorandum to build a broader platform for student training, faculty exchanges, and scientific research, utilizing the professional strengths and expertise of each research team to promote continuous and deep collaboration.

Yakovlev Aleksey Nikolayevich expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and introduced the basic situation of Kuzbass State Technical University. As a major teaching and research center in theSiberian region, the university has been a crucial base for technology and talent cultivation in Russia's coal industry, providing robust support for its development. The university excels in the fields of mining, machinery, energy, and construction. He hoped that this agreement would further strengthen communication and consultation between the two universities, enhance mutual understanding and trust, and jointly promote fruitful cooperation in the future.

The presidents of both universities signed theCooperation Memorandum between Kuzbass State Technical University and Chengdu University. According to the memorandum, the two universities will comprehensively cooperate in education, scientific research, and faculty and student exchanges.

The guests visited the School of Mechanical Engineering and Institute for Advanced Study after the meeting. Relevant officials from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the Graduate Student Department, and the School of Mechanical Engineering participated in the activities.

Editor: Min Xiuling Executive Editor: Li Jie