Vice President of J. F. Oberlin University Visits Our University
Author:Gao Ya          Source:国际合作与交流处         Date:2024-06-18

On the morning of May 21st, Yang Guangjun, Vice President of J. F. Oberlin University in Japan, visited our university. Vice President Peng Xiaolin warmly welcomed the guests in the VIP Hall of the Life Services Center. The two parties had in-depth discussions on educational exchange and cooperation.

Peng Xiaolin extended a warm welcome to Yang Guangjun and his delegation, introducing the history and recent achievements of our university, which have been realized through the implementation of our talent strategy, distinctive strategy, internationalization strategy, and digitalization strategy. She mentioned that our university has made significant progress in disciplines, talent cultivation, and scientific research, and has improved its positions in four major international authoritative rankings. The quality of enrolled students has also been improving year by year. She expressed hope for deepening exchanges and dialogues between the two universities, especially in exploring cooperation opportunities in the fields of arts, culture, sports, and health. She looked forward to collaboration in student exchange, faculty visits, and research in the humanities.

Yang Guangjun expressed gratitude for the warm reception and provided a detailed introduction to the history and overall situation of J. F. Oberlin University. He mentioned that J. F. Oberlin University, which is humanities-focused, is one of the larger universities in Japan and has strong ties with China. The university has been successfully hosting academic conferences in gerontology with Peking University for 20 years and looks forward to inviting more Chinese universities to participate. Yang Guangjun expressed the desire for J. F. Oberlin University to establish a friendly partnership with Chengdu University, intensifying the communication between faculty and students through various educational cooperation projects and activities, thereby deepening educational exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.

After the meeting, the guests visited the Welcome Centre of FISU Games Village and the university library. Relevant leaders from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the College of Literature and Journalism, and the College of Mechanical Engineering attended the talks.

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J. F. Oberlin University has its origins in China. Its predecessor was the Chongzhen Vocational and Grammar School for Girls, founded outside Beijing's Chaoyangmen by the renowned Japanese educator Yasuzo Shimizu in 1921. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, Yasuzo Shimizu left China and returned to Japan, where he resumed his educational efforts by establishing Obirin Gakuen in Machida, Tokyo in 1946, and J. F. Oberlin University was founded in 1966. Currently, the university has about 10,000 students from 27 countries and regions. The university comprises seven undergraduate colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business Management, the College of Health and Welfare, the College of Performing and Visual Arts, the College of Global Communication, the College of Aviation Management, and the College of Education and Social Transformation. Its graduate school offers four types of master's and pre-doctoral programs, including International Language and Culture Studies (which includes training for Japanese language teachers), Clinical Psychology, Business Administration, and Gerontology. The educational philosophy of J. F. Oberlin University emphasizes not only imparting knowledge to students but also fostering broad-based liberal arts education and developing keen judgment. It aims to cultivate the comprehensive ability to understand and respect others and to handle affairs with a cooperative spirit in any situation.