Georgina Kakoudaki, Renowned Greek Theater Director and Educator, Conducts Drama Education Workshop at Our University
Author:Li Shu          Source:College of Chinese ASEAN Arts         Date:2024-06-18

On May 16, Georgina Kakoudaki, a renowned Greek theater director, educator, and theorist, conducted a unique drama interaction experience at our university as part of the China-Europe Humanities and Arts series of activities. Representatives from the College of Chinese & ASEAN ArtsofChengduUniversity, as well as theater performance teachers from several sister institutions, participated in the event.

Using the timeless workAntigone by the famous Greek playwright Sophocles as material, Georgina provided students and teachers with a cross-temporal drama education interaction. Through activities such as establishing safety protocols, perceiving body rhythms, understanding self and others, action design and character empowerment, viewpoint exchange, and group collaboration, participants, guided by Georgina's explanations, engaged in reenacting the story ofAntigone. They recreated the classic line from the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts's version ofAntigone, “I was born to join love, not hate. This is my nature." The characters from the ancient Greek mythological story were given new Chinese identities and contemporary elements through the interpretations of the students and teachers.

Following the workshop, Georgina and her team visited the Faculty of Film and Animation. She expressed great interest in the animation and film works produced by the students and teachers. "The future holds limitless prospects for collaboration," she stated, noting that despite the vast distance between China and Greece, their cultural heritage shares many similarities. She emphasized the hope that art educators and practitioners from both countries would continue to learn from each other, preserving humanity's cultural treasures and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of world civilization.

With 25 years of deep engagement in theater performance, education, and research, Georgina Kakoudaki is a leading figure in the realm of ancient Greek theater and youth arts education. Since 2009, she has been directing professional theater performances aimed at young audiences, reviving classic texts of ancient Greek and world drama on modern stages. She has taught drama education and related courses in the drama departments of Patras University and the University of the Peloponnese and in the education departments of Athens University and Volos Thessaly University. She has also led workshops and lectures at universities and theater institutions abroad. Additionally, she has taught drama in various public primary and secondary schools and public educational institutions in Greece. Since April 2016, she has served as the co-curator and head of the educational program for the International Ancient Drama Summer School (Epidaurus Lyceum) at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.