CDU and ICC, CAS Jointly Publish a Paper on the Main Journal of Nature
Author:Ma Xiaoli and Cai Yexin          Source:Science and Technology Department         Date:2024-05-15

Recently, Yin Junqing, a distinguished research fellow at Chengdu University (CDU)'s Institute for Advanced Study, collaborated with Yang Yong and Cao Zhi, researchers from the Institute of Coal Chemistry (ICC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd., to publish a research paper titled "Regioselective hydroformylation of propene catalysed by rhodium-zeolite" in the main journal of Nature.

Industrial Application of Homogeneous Catalysis for Propene Hydroformylation and "Rhodium-Zeolite" Supported Heterogeneous Catalytic System

The study utilizes the "rhodium-zeolite" supported heterogeneous catalytic system to suppress the formation of the isobutyraldehyde intermediate with large steric hindrance during the hydroformylation of propene, achieving over 99% regioselectivity towards the target product, n-butyraldehyde. This study not only provides a new method to selectively obtain the thermodynamically less stable anti-Markovnikov addition product, n-butyraldehyde, through heterogeneous catalysis but also further expands the classic concept of "shape-selective catalysis" of the zeolite framework. At the same time, it offers new ideas and approaches to address the significant challenges currently faced in the industrial production of propene hydroformylation. Zhang Xiangjie/Yan Tao from ICC, CAS, Hou Huaming from Synfuels China, and Yin Junqing from CDU are co-first authors of the paper. Dr. Wan Hongliu, Researcher Yang Yong, and Researcher Cao Zhi from ICC, CAS/Synfuels China serve as the co-corresponding authors of the paper.

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