CDU Wins the Best Organization Award in Chengdu Division of 'Second Students Reinventing Cities' Global Competition by C40
Author:Zhang Shiyao          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2023-10-16

On the afternoon of October 13, the Chengdu-C40 Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods (Near-zero Carbon Community) Pilot Project Experience Sharing Session took place in the Luxelakes Park Community, Tianfu New Area. The event was sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Urban-Rural Community Development and Administration Commission of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group ("C40" for short). At the C40's Second Students Reinventing Cities Competition held in Chengdu, Chengdu University (CDU) received recognition as one of the best organizers. Other award winners included Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu University of Technology, and Luxelakes Community Development Foundation.

The C40's Second Students Reinventing Cities Competition in Chengdu witnessed cooperation and collaborative efforts from various entities such as the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Urban-Rural Community Development and Administration Commission of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, universities in Chengdu, and international public welfare organizations like C40. Their aim was to invite young individuals from across the globe to participate in exploring innovative solutions for urban renewal. The competition aimed to establish a platform for exchange among college students, communities, and cities to enhance students' understanding of cutting-edge solutions, policies, and technologies to address climate change. Additionally, it focused on encouraging students and universities to share their visions for sustainable and inclusive urban development. Thus, they could generate innovative ideas and practical solutions to climate change and sustainable development alongside communities and cities. In March 2023, the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Comprehensive Law-based City Governance Commission of CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, along with the C40 Competition Publicity Group, paid a visit to CDU to encourage students' participation in climate change cooperation. CDU took an active role in organizing over 200 students to participate in the activity. Our students registered for the event in an active manner and gained knowledge about the rules and methods of contributing to the "Students Reinventing Cities" competition. The participating teams, in close collaboration with the Luxelakes Park Community, conducted exploration and practical measures within the community's platform. Through their dedicated efforts, Chengdu showcased its vision and efforts in building "Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods" to the global community.

In recent years, Chengdu has been actively promoting and deeply engaging in international cooperation regarding climate change. Through vibrant Chengdu Cases, the city has provided valuable insights for global cities in tackling climate change, showcasing its wisdom and knowledge in this domain. In 2022, Chengdu released the Work Plan for the Construction of Pilot Near-zero Carbon Emission Zones in Chengdu. According to this plan, the development of the near-zero carbon communities stands as a pilot task within near-zero carbon emission zone construction for the first time. It sets the target of building at least no 30 near-zero carbon communities by 2025. Additionally, in 2022, Chengdu successfully joined the C40's Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods Forum and became one of the pilot cities worldwide in this initiative.

CDU follows distinctive and internationalization strategies, emphasizing the university-city integration with unique characteristics. We strive to align with international education concepts and evaluation standards, introducing the principles of sustainable development (education) and global competency. We are dedicated to nurturing high-quality application-oriented international talent who possess a deep understanding of China's culture and history, a global horizon, extensive knowledge, cross-cultural communication skills, good knowledge of international norms, professional skills, ability of borderless learning, and pursuit of sustainability for the advancement of our city. Looking ahead, we will encourage students to engage in activities organized by international organizations and prioritize Chengdu's green, prosperous, and sustainable development. The university is committed to contributing our education experience to the advancement of China's modernization, aiming for a harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature.

The sharing session was attended by esteemed guests, including relevant heads from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government, C40 East Asia Region, Building Energy Conservation and Low-carbon Development Division of Technology and Industrialization Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, China Southwest Architecture Consulting Co., Ltd., and Angong Community.

About C40:

C40 is an international nonprofit organization based in London, United Kingdom, striving to handle climate change and encourage green, low-carbon, and sustainable urban development worldwide. With its significant global impact, C40 currently has a membership of 96 cities, including prominent international cities such as London (UK), Beijing (China), Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Los Angeles (US), and Tokyo (Japan). Chengdu became a member of C40 in 2017.