The Chairman of the Executive Committee of Gomel Region, Belarus, Leads a Delegation to Visit CDU
Author:Zhang Shiyao          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2023-09-04

On August 31, a delegation led by Ivan Krupko (Крупко Иван Иванович), the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Gomel Region, Belarus, visited Chengdu University (CDU). President Wang Qingyuan and Vice President Peng Xiaolin cordially welcomed them at Room A102 of the Administrative Service Center of CDU. This visit is one of the series of activities of the 2023 Belt and Road Forum for Cooperation and Development of Sichuan International Friendship Cities, which has been included in the list of activities of China-Belarus Local Cooperation Year by the governments of both countries.

Wang Qingyuan cordially greeted the guests and introduced CDU's characteristics and positioning as well as the notable achievements of implementing talent, characteristics and internationalization strategies. He mentioned that CDU insists on education opening-up, constantly promotes international cooperation and exchanges, and actively expands international cooperation projects. It aims to create a more open academic environment for teachers and students, and promote the development of CDU into a distinctive, first-class and internationally renowned city university in China. He said that this visit has enhanced the mutual understanding between Gomel Region and Sichuan Province as well as CDU, and has laid a solid foundation for CDU to further strengthen cooperation with Gomel Region. He expressed his expectations to explore new cooperation projects with the government, universities, and enterprises of Gomel Region, and jointly promote the friendly exchanges between China and Belarus.

Ivan Krupko expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of CDU and spoke highly of Chengdu's modern city construction and remarkable economic progress. He also acknowledged the contributions of CDU to the city’s development. Then, he introduced the industry, agriculture, and food production in Gomel Region, Belarus. Gomel is the second largest city in Belarus, and the center of politics, economy, science, and culture, with more than 300 industrial enterprises across 13 sectors . It has over 400 state-owned farms and collective farms, with one-third of the population in agriculture, and a more developed forestry industry, with 36.5% of the region’s trees covered. He expected to find common ground with CDU to keep long-term cooperation, and to promote the possibility of cooperation between Francisk Skorina Gomel State University and CDU in areas such as exchange and cooperation in young talent cultivation, so as to pursue common development between Belarus and China.

After the meeting, guests visited CDU's campus and the Welcome Centre of the FISU Games Village. Heads of both the Eurasia Department of the Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province and the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of CDU attended the meeting.

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Gomel Region (Homyel), a first-level administrative region of Belarus, is situated in the southeast part of the country. The region covers an area of 40,400 square kilometers, accounting for 19.5% of the total area of Belarus. The population exceeds 500,000, accounting for 16.4% of the country's total. Its capital is Gomel (with a population of 515,000), and comprises 21 districts, 278 selsovets, and 17 cities, including eight cities under its jurisdiction, and 18 towns.