The 3rd International Conference on Big Data Engineering and Education (BDEE2023) Held in Chengdu
Author:Li Jinfeng          Source:Stirling College         Date:2023-08-25

The 3rd International Conference on Big Data Engineering and Education (BDEE2023) was successfully held from August 21 to 23 at Xiangyu Hotel in Chengdu. The conference was co-sponsored by Chengdu University (CDU), Civil Aviation Flight University of China, Chiang Mai University, and the Sichuan Province Computer Federation. The conference was hosted by the CDU Stirling College. Peng Xiaolin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of CDU, attended the conference and delivered an opening speech.

The conference brought together about 140 experts, scholars, and enterprise representatives in the field of big data from China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, France, Qatar, and the United States. It aimed to promote international academic exchanges and cooperation in big data technology and education, to discuss the application and development of big data in the future of society, and to jointly focus on cutting-edge topics of big data technology, engineering, and education, exploring the challenges and opportunities within the era of big data. Yu Xi, Dean of the CDU Stirling College, hosted the opening ceremony and keynote speaker report meeting.

Peng Xiaolin emphasized the important role of big data in promoting scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, and social development.

During the report session, distinguished guests from around the world shared with the participants their insights and successful applications of big data in their respective fields. Mr. Nopasit Chakpitak (PhD.), President of the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (AEROTHAI), delivered a speech on "Application of Big Data in Smart Tourism". Professor Jin Wang of Valdosta State University discussed "Big Data Engineering in Education: A Predictive Model for Improving Student Retention". Professor Miao Fang from CDU shared the latest research on the topic of "Exploring Data System in Big Data Era". Professor Abdelaziz Bouras from Qatar University shared his current research project "Blockchain-driven Supply Chain and Enterprise Information System". The experts' brilliant speeches won the applause of the audience.

In addition to expert speeches, a number of thematic sub-forums were set up at this conference, covering a wide range of topics such as big data analytics and data management systems, virtual technologies and data analytics in education and information systems, intelligent system design and algorithms for artificial intelligence, and educational technology. Through a total of 50 paper presentations, participants shared their latest research and experiences in the field of big data, which will further promote the development and application of big data technology.

Following the conference, senior experts and representatives spoke highly of the organization of the conference, and fully acknowledged the tremendous efforts made by the organizing committee to ensure its quality. They praised the conference for the good quality articles, high academic level, rich conference content, compactness and efficiency, strong academic atmosphere, and enthusiastic exchanges among the participants. Big data has become a force to be reckoned with in contemporary society, and is driving the innovation and development of artificial intelligence, smart cities, precision medicine and other fields around the world. With the strong support of all participants, BDEE2023 was a great success. The conference will help strengthen international cooperation in big data technology and education, promote innovation in big data applications, and make greater contributions to building a digital and intelligent future society. Meanwhile, it will facilitate the establishment of an international joint research platform for big data at CDU and promote international collaboration in the fields of big data engineering and education.