CDU Global Exchange Plan 2023: Wintec Summer School “English+” Program Wraps Up in New Zealand
Author:Luo Ling          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2023-08-25

On August 11, at 13:00 (New Zealand time), an impressive graduation ceremony was held at the Long Room of the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) in New Zealand. This event marked the successful completion of CDU-Wintec's Summer School English+” Program as part of the 2023 global exchange plan of Chengdu University (CDU). A total of 13 students from the College of Overseas Education, Business School, College of Literature and Journalism, College of Teachers, and College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts participated in this program.

The ceremony was witnessed by Wintec International as well as teachers from the Centre for Languages and parents from host families. Mark Dawson-Smith and Sasitorn Kanthiya, Program Directors of the Centre presented certificates of completion to 13 students. Student representatives of different language proficiency levels shared their experiences of the past four weeks of study and life at the ceremony. This four-week study tour not only strengthened the English language skills of the participants but also enhanced their cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, as well as broadened their international perspectives.

In these four weeks, CDU students studied and communicated with peers from different cultural backgrounds. At the same time, they actively explored the beautiful natural scenery and rich culture and history of New Zealand in their spare time. They also tried local delicacies, made local friends, and felt the charm of multiculturalism. In addition, in order to enrich the learning experience, students of media arts major also visited the academic colleges to gain an in-depth understanding of the learning environment and the professional equipment. They also observed and studied the outstanding graduation works of Wintec students, including the excellent creations of former CDU-Wintec students.

Although this short-term study has come to an end, many of the students have resolved to return to Wintec in the near future to continue their professional study. This experience has given them a clearer sense of their long-term goals and what they need to work towards. Li Siyi, a student from the College of Teachers of CDU said, "This summer school program has opened up my worldview and improved my international communication skills. It also laid a foundation for my overseas study and life in the future." Wang Yikun, a student from the College of Literature and Journalism of CDU said, "This trip to New Zealand allowed me to experience unique local customs and realize that contemporary college students should focus on broadening their horizons in the pursuit of academic excellence, and embrace diverse cultures, so as to enhance their international competitiveness. At the same time, this summer school program further encouraged my determination to study abroad in the future." Wei Zhixin, a student from the College of Overseas Education of CDU said, "I have benefited a lot from this summer school program. It has not only expanded my international vision, provided new insights, and gave me a novel experience of studying and living abroad, but also enabled me to have a clearer plan for my future study.

CDU's Office of International Cooperation and Exchange has been committed to the implementation of "Global Exchange Program", providing students with a variety of international exchange and study programs and encouraging them to explore the world bravely, embrace multiculturalism and learning without borders and acquire lifelong learning skills. These all contribute to the sustainable development of individuals and society. In the era of multiculturalism, we sincerely hope that more CDU students would value cross-cultural communication skills, step out of their comfort zone with perseverance, and explore the world in an active manner through international exchanges to make themselves more open, confident and globally competent.