CDU and Payap University Sign Agreement for the Construction of the CDU Payap Campus in Thailand
Author:Gao Jing, Wen Ting          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2022-01-21

Recently, Chengdu University (CDU) and Payap University officially signed the Agreement on the Construction of the CDU Payap Campus between Chengdu University in China and Payap University in Thailand. The establishment of the CDU Payap Campus in Thailand marks the first overseas campus of CDU. It is reported that this campus will become the third overseas education program at the undergraduate level and the first overseas branch university in the field of higher education. It is an important practice of CDU's active exploration of "going global", as well as its strategic layout of a major Sino-foreign cooperation project. In addition, it is of great significance to expand CUD's international presence and build an overseas image.

In March 2021, the two universities reached a cooperation consensus and started negotiations on the CDU Payap Campus in Thailand. After nearly a year of communication and detailed discussion, the project agreement was finally confirmed and signed in December 2021. This campus project will enable both parties to make full use of the existing educational and teaching resources to carry out cooperation and joint research on talent cultivation in various disciplines and professional fields. It aims to cultivate professionals who are familiar with international rules to serve the economic and social innovation and sustainable development of countries along the Belt and Road, and to promote the economic development of both China and Thailand with joint teaching and research achievements.

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Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Payap University, formerly known as the McCormick Hospital School of Nursing, is a prestigious comprehensive private university with a long history. With the qualifications to grant bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, Payap University has trained many talents in Nursing, Computer Science, Dietary Science, English, Accounting and other disciplines. All graduates enjoy a good reputation in all fields.