[Specialty Course] Welcome Winter Olympic Games: This Class Is Held at Ski Resort
Author:Meng Jiaxuan, Min Min          Source:Press Center         Date:2022-01-11

Gliding down the snow-covered slopes in Chengdu must be an exciting experience. 69 students in the class of 2021 from the Leisure Sports Major have visited the indoor ski resort of the Chengdu Rongchuang Snow World in Dujiangyan to experience the fun of ice and snow sports.  

This was a practical teaching activity of the school’s course Guidance and Management for Outdoor Sports. The classroom was moved from the playground to the ski resort, making students visiting here for the first time feel fresh and interesting. The master could smoothly glide down the slopes. But the 69 students could not keep balance on the snow, even falling down.

Dressing properly is the first step before gliding. Guided by Li Zhonghua, head of the course and teacher of the College of Physical Education, and other 14 professional ski instructors, students learned about equipment and precautions for skiing first, and then carefully wore the equipment. Skis, ski boots, ski poles, helmets, gloves, ski clothes and other equipment were essential, which could guarantee safety and warmth. Then the instructors taught basic skills, such as wearing and taking off skis, skiing downhill in a straight line on a gentle slope, triangular plate-shaped braking, triangular skiing downhill in a straight line, triangular J-shaped curves on both sides, C-shaped curves on both sides, triangular continuous turns and so on.

“Putting your hands on your knees, lowering your center of gravity, bending both of your knees and gliding slowly,” said Assistant Instructor Wei Xinyu, who repeated the essential movements on the scene over and over again. He said, “Skiing is an exciting sport with a strong sense of movement. I hope you can achieve personal breakthrough through skiing and understand the connotation of modesty and politeness as well as the competitive spirit of the sport.”

“I’m not afraid of falling down and I can try again after shaking the snow off,” said Liu Youkun, a student who experienced on the scene. He said that smoothly gliding down the snow-covered slopes can practice and improve body perception. Skiing emphasizes the sense of balance and coordination. If you want to ski well without falling down, you must learn to have a good sense and control of your body movement and skiing posture.

24 days are left for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. "Encouraging 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” has become the loudest slogan for the popularization of ice and snow sports in China. In response to the above national goal and Sichuan province's goal of "Encouraging ten millions of people to participate in ice and snow sports", the university has popularized ice and snow sports on campus, deepened the integration of vocational education with industries, and promoted cooperation between colleges and businesses, and integrated skiing into the teaching practice of specialized courses. Meanwhile, the university has set up a ski team, and recruited members on campus, to enable more students to learn skiing skills, enjoy the fun of skiing, boost their willpower, strengthen their physique, and contribute to the popularization of ice and snow sports.