Book Launch of the Symphony of Poetry and Tea: Tianfu Culture in Four Seasons Held
Author:Ma Yingjie          Source:Research Institute of Tianfu Culture Source: Research Institute of Tianfu Culture         Date:2021-12-31

On December 14, the book launch of The Symphony of Poetry and Tea: Tianfu Culture in Four Seasons was held at the Wenxuan Bookstore, 9 Square Shopping Center, Chengdu. The translation series marks a masterful piece of international communication under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and the Information Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government, with the strong support of Chengdu University and Chengdu Times Press, as well as great efforts by project team members.

Beautifully illustrated and well translated, the English edition vividly tells Chengdu's stories to global readers. It is the most systematic and comprehensive book for English-speaking readers to know and understand Chengdu. It is also a new attempt for Chengdu to take the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games as an opportunity to tell wonderful Chengdu stories with the theme of "Chengdu Practice". The city also endeavors to promote international cultural exchanges and tourism between cities, expand Chengdu's overseas "circle of friends", build the city brand of Tianfu culture, and link international cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

The whole book series revolves around the most representative elements of "poetry" and "tea" in Tianfu culture to convey a sense of leisure and elegance to readers. The book chronologically follows the four seasons to reflect the rich and colorful Tianfu culture. "Spring" symbolizes the beginning of a year and the eternal vitality of all things that corresponds to the continuous innovation of Tianfu culture; "Summer" symbolizes the luxuriant beauty of all things and implies the life aesthetics of Tianfu culture; "Autumn" symbolizes harvest and depicts the rich and happy life of Tianfu people as well as the inclusiveness of Tianfu land; "Winter" symbolizes hope and light in the severe cold, which Chengdu people have been conveying to the world.

In order to better express and spread this connotation and show the world a kind and warm Chengdu, the translation and illustration teams from the College of Overseas Education, Chengdu University and the College of Chinese and ASEAN Arts were mindful of English reading habits to ensure the readability during the editing and compiling process. In addition, experts on Sichuan studies such as Tan Jihe, Shu Dagang, Peng Bangben and Wang Chuan worked as consultants. After the manuscript was translated, it was then reviewed by Professor Wang Di of the Department of History at the University of Macau. The series is not only highly readable but also underpinned by rigorous academic research. Integrating literature, history and philosophy, it expresses both the historical charm and humanity of Chengdu.

Another translated book series for international communication by the Research Institute of Tianfu Culture titled On Historical Events-Who are the Heroes? will also be released soon.