Distinguished Associate Research Fellow Jiang Qijie Publishes Two Research Papers in Top International Journals
Author:Wei Wanyue            Source:Business School         Date:2021-09-26

The distinguished Associate Research Fellow at the Business School of Chengdu University, Dr. Jiang Qijie, has recently published two research papers as the first author in top international journals, with Chengdu University as the first affiliation. The paper entitled "Information technology and destination performance: Examining the role of dynamic capabilities" was published in the AJG/ABS 4-star journal Annals of Tourism Research (SSCI Grade 1 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, JCR Q1, impact factor: 9.011); the paper entitled "Differential dynamic decision-making model for multi-stage investment of scenic area" was published in Alexandria Engineering Journal (JCR Q1, impact factor: 3.732).

The first research work investigates on the mechanism of information technology affecting the tourist destination's operation performance, and meanwhile presents debates on the best tools to evaluate and measure the performance. The study expands the application of dynamic capabilities theory in tourism contexts and develops quantitative indicators of dynamic capabilities.

The second research work inspects on the multi-stage dynamic optimization decision-making problems regarding investment of scenic areas; based on the theory of real options, a dynamic investment decision-making model is built and case analysis is conducted accordingly. And the proposed decision-making model is finally proved to help improve greatly the investment value of scenic areas and dealing with uncertainties.

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Jiang Qijie, with a Ph.D. degree in Management, is a distinguished Associate Research Fellow at Chengdu University and a visiting scholar at Nottingham University Business School. His main research interests are social tourism, tourism economy and strategic management. He has published more than 10 papers as the first author or corresponding author in SSCI/SCI/CSSCI journals with the impact factor totaling 20, and has led or participated in various research projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels.