Distinguished Associate Research Fellow Zhang Yixin Publishes Two Research Papers in Top International Journals
Author:Wei Wanyue            Source:Business School         Date:2021-09-26

The distinguished Associate Research Fellow at the Business School of Chengdu University, Dr. Zhang Yixin, has recently published two research papers as the first author in top international journals, with Chengdu University as the first affiliation. The paper entitled "Dynamic assessment of Internet public opinions based on the probabilistic linguistic Bayesian network and Prospect theory" was published in Applied Soft Computing (Grade 1 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, JCR Q1, impact factor: 6.725); the paper entitled "An Overview of Studies Based on the Probability-Based Decision-Making Information: Current Developments, Methodologies, Applications and Challenges" was published in International Journal of Fuzzy Systems (JCR Q1, impact factor: 4.673).

In the first paper, considering the dynamic nature of decision-making problems and the causal relationship between attributes, the probabilistic linguistic Bayesian network (PLBN) is constructed, through which the probability information in the form of PLTS (Probabilistic Language Term Set) is converted into the attribute weight information; the probability distribution function and dominance degree of PLTS are also introduced, and the improved prospect theory value function is adopted to rank and sort out the alternative proposals. Therefore, the dynamic multi-attribute decision-making method based on PLBN, dominance degree and prospect theory is developed and finally applied to the assessment of public opinions.

In the second paper, the current development of probability-based decision-making information is reviewed and summarized, and the number and the distribution of publications related to the probability-based decision-making information are analyzed. With the introduction of literature on different concepts as the basis, all the different concepts currently available are reviewed and discussed. In view of different forms of decision-making information, this paper gives a summary of decision-making methods from two aspects: methods based on decision matrix and preference information. It also presents the overall review of the existing literature from the perspective of the application. In addition, based on the current research progress and the discussions above, several potential challenges are noted in this paper, which can be brought into study in the future.

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Zhang Yixin, with a PhD degree from Sichuan University (also a joint Ph.D. candidate from the University of Manchester), has been employed by the Business School of Chengdu University since 2021. Her main research interests are decision-making theory and method, uncertain information processing, intelligent expert group decision-making, etc. She has published 16 SCI/SSCI-indexed papers in authoritative Chinese and foreign journals such as Information Sciences and Applied Soft Computing, including 7 papers with her as the first author, and 2 ESI's top 1% highly cited papers.