"The Latest Research Result by Professor Yu Xue's Team Published in the International Top Academic Journal Chemical Engineering Journal"
Author:Ren Zhenxing          Source:School of Mechanical Engineering         Date:2021-08-16

Recently, the Yu Xue Research Group of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Chengdu University published a study entitled One-step precipitated all-inorganic perovskite QDs from amorphous media for backlighting display and reproducible laser-driven white lighting (doi: 10.1016/j.cej.2021.131379) in Chemical Engineering Journal (TOP journal, impact factor: 13.273), a famous international academic journal in the field of chemical engineering. Chengdu University is the first unit of this research result.

This work addresses the problem that CsPbBr3 chalcogenide quantum dots embedded in amorphous media can overcome their unsatisfactory low stability for optoelectronic device applications, and innovatively proposes a spontaneous crystallization process to obtain CsPbBr3 chalcogenide quantum dots, which are shown to depend on network ligands with high ionic potential energy in the network for the nucleation process. This work gives the CsPbX3(X=Br,I) QDs@glass material stable light output, superior color purity, and a wide range of color temperature tunability under laser device excitation, providing technical support for high-power laser illumination and backlight display.

Chemical Engineering Journal is one of the three most influential top journals in the field of engineering technology and chemical engineering. It reports important scientific research achievements and innovative technologies in the field of chemical reaction engineering and material synthesis and application.It is listed as the Top Journal in Zone 1 of Engineering Technology / Chemistry/Environment by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research result was strongly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Talent Introduction Project of Chengdu University.