Chengdu University Commencement 2021 was Held Ceremoniously
Author:Tan Qingqing, Zhou Peiling          Date:2021-06-07

The air is filled with the aroma of gardenia which reminds students to bid farewell to their university life. Youths in academic dresses are on the way to their dreams with the song of farewell. On the morning of June 7, the Chengdu University Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony 2021 was held in its gymnasium. 5,919 graduates stood together to look back on their past. At the time of their graduation, they waved their hats to say goodbye.

Liu Qiang awarded honorary certificates to 179 representatives of provincial outstanding graduates

Wang Qingyuan sent wishes to the class of 2021: Think of the source and go further, and follow the light

Wang Qingyuan conferred degrees on representatives of postgraduates and undergraduates

Speech by the representative of graduates

(Jing Yu, Class of 2017, Food Science and Engineering, School of Food and Biological Engineering)

Liu Qiang and Wang Qingyuan presented appointment letters and graduation scarves to 18 directors of the alumni association

Graduates sent flowers to representatives of teachers and service guarantee staff

"It is in the chaos that a hero will show his nature; it is when riding the wind and waves that the youth can present their brilliance." Hold on to your dream and remain true to the original aspiration. The road ahead will be long and don’t forget to smile. Seize the day and live it to the fullest. Let's take over the baton, and actively engage in the cause that our motherland and the people need most. Our love developed when we met each other but it won't end even we bid farewell. Wish you all the best of luck as you set sail from Chengdu University, say goodbye to your immature selves, and run towards a new and bright future!