Chengdu University and the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo Sign Agreement on International Integrated Learning Program
Author:Mou Lei          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2024-04-29

On April 25, under the witness of Wang Qian, Deputy Mayor of Chengdu, and Pietro Cannella, Deputy Mayor of Palermo, Italy, Peng Xiaolin, Vice President of Chengdu University, and Salvatore Casabona, Vice President of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, signed an agreement for an international integrated learning program on behalf of their respective institutions. This agreement, an important tangible outcome under the framework of friendly relations between the two cities, will promote cooperation between the two universities in the internationalization of teaching and research.

Under the framework of sister-city relationships and based on the memorandum of cooperation signed by the two universities in January 2024, Chengdu University will actively promote the implementation of this program. After in-depth communication and discussions, the two sides agreed to promote faculty and student exchanges between the two universities through integrated learning and mutual recognition of credits and to jointly apply for the EU Erasmus+ Program on this basis. Following the agreement's signing, the project is set to be implemented within this year.

The purpose of the agreement is to create academic and administrative conditions for the exchange of MBA students from Chengdu University and Master of International Relations students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo. According to the agreement, graduate students in related disciplines from both universities will have the opportunity to participate in a one-semester exchange for theoretical learning and practical internships within the framework of cooperation between the two institutions. This initiative will promote the integration of professional knowledge in relevant disciplines between the two universities, offering students a blended learning experience that combines domestic and international study environments and contributing to further strengthening cultural exchanges between the sister cities.