College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts Officially Joins the AEC
Author:Weng Shuyi          Source:College of Chinese and ASEAN Arts         Date:2024-04-12

Recently, the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University officially became a member of the Association Européenne des Conservatoires (European Association of Conservatoires, known as AEC). This marks a significant milestone in the international development of the College, which will further enhance exchanges and collaborations with European music education institutions and elevate the College's international influence and competitiveness.

Established in 1953, the AEC boasts over 300 member schools from Europe and worldwide, covering a wide range of music education fields from classical to contemporary and theatrical music. The AEC is dedicated to setting standards and ensuring quality in music education, fostering international cooperation among conservatories globally. It has a significant influence on curriculum development, discipline development, policy formulation, research, and innovation in global music education.

The accession of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University to the AEC is expected to significantly boost international recognition for the teaching standards, research achievements, and artistic activities of the College. The College is likely to attract more outstanding students from Europe and other regions worldwide with an interest in studies and exchanges. In the future, the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University will make full use of the AEC platform, actively participate in various activities and projects organized by the AEC, expand cooperation with conservatories worldwide, promote in-depth collaboration in teaching, research, and talent development, as well as joint advancement of global music education.