A Youth Delegation from the U.S. Schiller Institute Visits CDU
Author:Qu Yang          Source:Youth League Committee of Chengdu University         Date:2023-09-29

At the invitation of the All-China Youth Federation, a youth delegation from the U.S. Schiller Institute visited Chengdu University (hereinafter referred to as "CDU") on September 27 and held the China-US Youth Dialogue on "being friendly youth envoys between China and the US with CDU. Zhou Ji, Executive Director of the International Department of the All-China Youth Federation, Tang Jingtian, Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and Honorary President of the Sichuan Youth Federation, Ren Shiqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and President of the Sichuan Youth Federation, Wang Qingyuan, President of CDU and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Peng Xiaolin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of CDU attended the meeting.

Wang Qingyuan delivered a welcome speech, in which he warmly welcomed the arrival of the delegation. He introduced that through the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games, CDU has been promoting friendships and spreading China's voice through exchanges and dialogues with the world. CDU will learn from excellent global civilization achievements and apply them to university management services and the advancement of its internationalization strategy. The Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games follows the principle of hosting an eco-friendly event. After the games, the FISU Games Village has been handed over to CDU as teaching and scientific research premises, providing students with a space to pursue their dreams and explore innovation. CDU has always taken internationalization as one of its major development strategies. In recent years, it has made remarkable progress in international university prestigious rankings, the Nature Index, highly cited papers, international cooperation in Chinese-foreign educational institutions, and talent cultivation. CDU is striving to establish a scientific and technological innovation practice platform for college students, and considers voluntary service offerings as a vital part of practical education. It is committed to promoting academic and cultural exchanges among universities, as well as cultivating young talent with global competence. Wang expressed his deep appreciation for the delegation's arrival, highlighting how it has successfully fostered a bridge of friendship between Chinese and American youth. He looked forward to forging a meaningful partnership with the U.S. Schiller Institute, complementing their strengths and weaknesses. He hoped that both Chinese and American youth would act as youth envoys for China-US friendship, contributing to a solid foundation for the stable development of China-US relations, and demonstrating the power and value of youth for building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Mr. Tang pointed out in his speech that young people are the most energetic group with the richest dreams, and they are also the easiest to communicate and understand with each other. An abundance of stories of people-to-people exchanges between China and the US exemplify the shared aspiration of the two peoples for friendly cooperation. At present, Sichuan is accelerating its transformation into a province that prioritizes youth development and fully embraces the concept of giving priority to youth development. More than 25 million young people in Sichuan have played a crucial role at the forefront of opening up, the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation, the grand stage of rural revitalization, and the front line of social work, vividly showcasing the vitality and dedication of China's youth. Standing at a new historical starting point, as friendly youth envoys of the two countries, members of the delegation are expected to take this exchange activity as an opportunity to enhance understanding and deepen friendship with more young people in Sichuan and China through in-depth exchanges and interactions. It is hoped that the members will share with more young friends in the US the significant achievements of China's modernization, as well as their personal experiences and fond memories in China, and introduce them to the real China and beautiful Sichuan. We also look forward to more non-governmental organizations, social groups, and youth representatives from the US coming to Sichuan, contributing to the friendship between the people of China and the US.

At the China-US Youth Dialogue, young representatives from Sichuan and the U.S. Schiller Institute engaged in fruitful discussions, sharing their perspectives on a wide range of topics. These included the participation of youth in ecological environment protection to address global climate change, implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative to promote mutual benefit and win-win results, deepening of exchanges and cooperation to build a community with a shared future for mankind, participation in community services to enhance people's happiness, and devotion to innovation and entrepreneurship to promote economic development. Following the meeting, the China-US Youth Friendship Gala was held.

The relevant heads from the U.S. Schiller Institute expressed that through their visit to Sichuan, they gained a deep understanding of the province's rich history and culture, beautiful natural scenery, and vibrant development. This visit also enhanced their understanding of China's national conditions and fostered friendship with the youth of Sichuan. They expressed their hope for future opportunities to lead delegations to Sichuan and continue to contribute to the friendship between the people of China and the U.S.