The 7th CDU International Week Unveiled
Author:Liao Jing          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2023-10-20

On the morning of October 18, the opening ceremony of the 7th Chengdu University (CDU) International Week was held at the lecture hall of Teaching Building 13. Chutinun Prasipuriprecha, President of the Ubon Ratchathani University, Pradabpet Chusit, President of Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University, Rattasit Sukhahuta, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, and Qu Ke, Director of the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China) as well as Wang Qingyuan, President of CDU and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Peng Xiaolin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of CDU attended the opening ceremony.

The event started off with a performance by the College Students Art Troupe of CDU, featuring the folk music ensemble "Fighting against Typhoon". Wang Qingyuan delivered a speech on behalf of CDU to warmly welcome and express gratitude to all the guests at the opening ceremony. He reviewed the accomplishments of the previous six International Weeks and introduced the progress and outstanding achievements of CDU's internationalization strategy. Wang also shared his aspirations for the 7th International Exchange (Course) Week and his expectations to continue in-depth exchange and cooperation with all the guests and to collectively shape a vital driving force for global sustainable development.

Qu Ke extended his congratulations on the success of the International Week on behalf of the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China). He reviewed the association's development history and achievements and expressed his anticipation for its better development. Mr. Qu also expressed his hope for the active participation of all the guests in the upcoming Sino-French exchange activities and his wishes for the academic success of students.

Chutinun Prasipuriprecha delivered a speech, expressing his gratitude for CDU’s invitation and looking forward to more in-depth cooperation with CDU.

The opening ceremony concluded with a keynote speech on "Sustainable Higher Education in the Era of Sustainable Development Goals" by Alam Gazi Mahabubul from Universiti Putra Malaysia delivered. Rattasit Sukhahuta gave a lecture on the topic of Digital Transformation and Cross-border Partnership: Redefining Global Cooperation.

With the theme of "Embracing a New Future through Sustainable Development", the 7th International Week has invited over 40 experts and scholars from 11 countries and regions including Germany, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States to give lectures and master classes in different disciplines. An international conference and a series of cooperation negotiations have been scheduled to take place. Lecture topics include "The Application of Data Science in Health Care Research on Diabetes and Dementia" and "Demographic Changes in East Asia and Their Impact on the Economy". The conference topics include "New Green Energy and Energy Storage Technologies" and "Polymer Engineering and Green Application". The International Week, featuring multiple themes, forms, and perspectives, offers teachers and students a holistic and immersive new experience of international exchange, as a good platform for the internationalization of talent development, faculty enrichment, scientific research, and city services.