CDU Convenes Work Promotion Meeting for Digitization Strategy
Author:He Yuan, Chen Xile          Source:Information Network Center         Date:2023-09-20

On the afternoon of September 18, Chengdu University (CDU) held the Work Promotion Meeting for Digitalization Strategy in Room 501, the Administration Building. Liu Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of CDU, delivered a speech at the meeting, which was attended by major heads of 21 relevant administrative departments and directly affiliated business departments.

Liu emphasized that all departments should form a complete and systematic thinking mode by aligning the digital thinking and their businesses with the overall goal of CDU's rapid development. At present, CDU has decided to incorporate the digitalization strategy into its key tasks. All CDU departments need to further delve into the connotation and extended meaning of the digitalization strategy, as well as its relationship with CDU's talent, characteristics, and internationalization strategies, in order to make digitalization technologies empower these three major strategies.

Liu pointed out that implementing the digitalization strategy requires systematic efforts. All departments should conduct digital transformation research in a practical and problem-oriented way and dig into how to combine digitalization with their businesses, improve management efficiency, innovate teaching models, enhance research capabilities, and promote the modernization of CDU's governance system and capacity.

The staff of the Information Network Center reported on the background of universities' digital transformation. On the basis of introducing the connotation of digitalization strategy, they analyzed the possible pain points and challenges that may be faced by CDU's digital transformation, and discussed with the participants by taking the functional transformation of departments, the role change of personnel, and talent training as examples.

It was decided that CDU will set up a leading group for digitalization strategy at the meeting to strengthen the top-level design, plan the implementation path of its digitalization strategy, formulate an action plan, and empower CDU’s high-quality development with digital transformation.