Successful Implementation of CDU's Thailand Study Program
Author:Lin Yijia          Source:College of Foreign Languages and Cultures         Date:2023-09-20

The Department of Thai, the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Chengdu University (CDU) has restarted the overseas exchange and study program since the end of the pandemic. During the summer vacation, a group of 11 students, who enrolled in the Department of Thai in 2000, was selected to participate in the one-semester "Thai Learning and Professional Practice" program at Mahidol University in Thailand. The program is part of the 2023 Global Exchange Program of CDU.

On July 1, 2023, the students embarked on their study tour in Thailand. Up to now, they have been studying at the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University for over two months. They have been immersed in remarkable academic exchanges and cultural experiences, participated in linguistic research courses, local humanities and culture practice courses, and a wide array of cultural activities. They practiced Thai food cooking and learned Thailand's traditional dances and musical instruments. Through these diverse courses and activities, the students have gained a deeper understanding of Thailand's traditional culture, art, and customs.

Cao Jingting, a student of the program, said: "I feel that Thailand is a country with a strong Buddhist culture, and I have encountered many wonderful experiences here, some of which are unprecedented in my life. This immersive journey has allowed me to delve into Thailand's local customs, culture, and social atmosphere. I have also improved my Thai language skills."

Du Jie, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures and Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange at CDU, said, "this overseas study program will not only strengthen students' Thai language skills but also enhance their cross-cultural understanding and communication and their capabilities in effectively narrating China-Thailand stories in Thai, and nurture their global competence. We look forward to that students could enjoy an unforgettable journey in Thailand, broaden their horizons, fortify their skills, learn for the future and travel to the world."

In recent years, CDU has been committed to the implementation of the "Global Exchange Plan", which provides students with a diverse range of international exchange and study programs. Students are encouraged to fearlessly venture into the world, embrace multiculturalism, explore borderless learning and develop lifelong learning skills, contributing to the sustainable development of individuals and society in the future. In this era of multiculturalism, it is hoped that more CDU students can recognize the significance of developing cross-cultural communication skills, actively explore the world and cultivate a new generation of young people who are more open, confident and globally competent.

As a higher education institution in Sichuan, CDU has provided a typical model for China-Thailand higher education cooperation and achieved impressive outcomes, playing a significant role in and having a unique influence on the friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Thai people. CDU and Mahidol University will continue to strengthen educational cooperation, provide students with more opportunities for international exchanges, and promote the in-depth development of China-Thailand cultural exchanges.

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Founded in 1888, Mahidol University has developed into one of Asia’s leading universities and one of Thailand’s prestigious universities, ranking second in Thailand and 47th in the QS Asia University Rankings in 2023. Named in honor of King Rama IX's Royal Father, Mahidol University has been ranked among the top universities by the Ministry of Education (Thailand) for many consecutive years, and has been awarded the title of Thailand’s Best University” by the Ministry of Education and the Office of the Higher Education Commission of Thailand. Mahidol University is one of the top higher education institutions in Thailand, with outstanding achievements in scientific research, faculty scholarships, teaching, research, international academic cooperation and professional services, and offers a number of top-quality programs in social sciences.