Three CDU Teachers and Students Selected for National Frisbee Teams to Compete in AOUGC 2023
Author:Gu Chenglong          Source:College of Physical Education         Date:2023-08-02

The Social Sports Guidance Center of General Administration of Sport of China's has recently released the Letter on Sending Teams to the Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships 2023 (AOUGC 2023). Chengdu University (CDU) Frisbee head coach, Gu Chenglong has been selected as the deputy leader of the Chinese national frisbee team. Wei Simei, a postgraduate student at CDU's College of Physical Education, will compete in the national mixed team. Jian Lingyao will join the national women's team. These representative players will compete on behalf of China at the AOUGC 2023 in the Philippines in September 2023.

Gu Chenglong was the coach for the mixed group in the national frisbee team at the WFDF 2023 World Under-24 Ultimate Championships. This time he has been selected to participate in the competition in the capacity of deputy leader instead of coach. He will take the mission to learn the mature game styles and strategies of the Asian frisbee teams and bring back advanced technical and tactical concepts to China. He will also collect valuable information for the construction of the training system of Chinese college ultimate teams and for the enhancement of the national frisbee team competence.

With her strong strength, Wei Simei was selected for the national frisbee training team in 2019, but she failed to represent China in the international competition due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She worked hard to get a postgraduate degree after graduation in order to have the chance to represent the country in the competition field again. She was as excited as she was three years ago, and said that she would train hard and do her best to prove herself and show the spirit of CDU students on a global stage.

Jian Lingyao was the captain of CDU's frisbee team, and has been selected for the Sichuan provincial frisbee team and the 2023 U24 Frisbee National Team. She treasures the opportunity to be selected for the national women's team at the AOUGC 2023. She said she will work hard to prepare for the competition, living up to the expectations of CDU, her coaches, and her persistence.