Jiang Guirong, an Undergraduate of Chengdu University, Publishes SCI papers on the Top journal of JCR Q1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Author:Song Mingzhu, Liu Li          Source:School of Preclinical Medicine         Date:2022-07-11

Jiang Guirong, an undergraduate student of Class 19-1 of Clinical Medicine under the guidance of Wei Xiao and Song Mingzhu, distinguished Associate Research Fellows of the School of Preclinical Medicine, Chengdu University (CDU), published a paper entitled Progress in advanced nanotherapeutics for enhanced photodynamic immunotherapy of tumor online for the first time in the Top 1 Journal Theranostics of JCR Q1 District, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The latest impact factor of the journal is (2021-IF=11.6). Wei Xiao and Song Mingzhu are the co-first authors of this paper, with CDU as the first affiliation and the first correspondent unit.

The Journal of Theranostics, founded in 2011, is released by the publisher Ivyspring International. It falls into the categories of JCR Medical Research and Experiment 1, and CAS Medical 1. It ranks 13th among 136 SCI journals of the same category.