Over 90% of Disciplines of Chengdu University Listed in ShanghaiRanking
Author:Liu Xi, Zhao Qian          Source:Academic Affairs Office         Date:2022-06-23

Recently, ShanghaiRanking, a professional institute of higher education evaluation, released the 2022 Best Chinese Majors Ranking. A total of 63 disciplines of our university are on the list, among which animation is rated A, with 12 majors such as stomatology technology, hotel management, broadcasting and TV directing, and auditing B+, and 50 majors B. The number of disciplines on the list accounts for 92.6% of enrollment majors.

Distribution of Listed Disciplines of Chengdu University

Best Chinese Universities Ranking is by far the ranking that has covered the most number of undergraduate majors and boasts the largest scale of discpline evaluation of Chinese universities and colleges. The ranking adopts a unique three-level major competitiveness evaluation framework, namely, university, discipline and major, to conduct a dynamic monitoring evaluation of 60,000 undergraduate majors of more than 1,200 universities and colleges. The evaluation is based on five indicator categories, including university condition, discipline support, major student source, major employment and major condition, and 19 indicators. The ranking involves 568 undergraduate majors and lists the top 50% of universities and colleges that have established the corresponding majors. A total of 30,242 majors of 990 universities and colleges have been listed in the ranking.

National Rating and Ranking of 2022 Undergraduate Enrollment Majors of Chengdu University Released by ShanghaiRanking