CDU Opens Third Computer-based IELTS Test Centre in Sichuan Province
Author:Luo Huiyang          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2022-04-01

On 31 March, the Launch Ceremony for the Opening of the Computer-based IELTS Test Centre in Chengdu University (CDU) kicked off, marking the establishment of the third computer-based IELTS Test Centre in Sichuan Province.

The guests attending the Ceremony included Shi Bin,  Chief Supervisor for Education of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government; Peng Xiaolin, Vice President of CDU; Chen Jun, Head of the Publicity Department; Li Yongming and Huang Zhao, Director and Deputy Director of the Examination Department of the British Council for Southwest China. Representatives from CDU's sister institutions, such as Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, heads of relevant administrative and academic departments at CDU, as well as all the IELTS staff members of the Overseas Education College at CDU, have also showed up for the event.

Ms. Peng expressed her gratitude for the guidance and support from The National Education Examinations Authority and British Council, and also for those who have cared for CDU. The establishment of the test centre at CDU contributes significantly to its planning for the global language center and international language test center. CDU aims to build a cluster of international language test centers to serve future international language test-takers in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle. It provides high-quality and standardised IELTS computer test services for test-takers across China to meet the needs for the internationalisation of the regions and cities. The building of the international language test center will also contribute to CDU's implementation of international development strategy, promote the international mobility of its teachers and students, and cultivate high-quality and application-oriented talent with patriotic spirits, international outlook and global competence.

Ms. Li mentioned that the British Council is pleased to cooperate with CDU to serve the IELTS candidates in Sichuan together. Among all institutions on the list, CDU got selected for its outstanding hardware and software infrastructure, high working efficiency, and practical working style. It is convinced that the support from CDU IELTS Test Centre can further fulfill the need of test-takers in Southwest China. The test-takers can have the opportunity to experience excellent examination conditions and services at the test centre.

The CDU IELTS test centre covers an area of about 300 m2, and accommodates 34 seats for computer-based tests and four test rooms for speaking tests. The test center is equipped with double-sided lockers, barrier-free facilities, exclusive restrooms, and emergency exits. It will provide IELTS candidates with a comfortable, convenient and safe examination environment and contribute greatly to the candidates' test success.

In November 2021, CDU’s application for the test centre was officially approved by the Chinese National Education Examinations Authority. It has been the third computer-based IELTS Test Centre in Sichuan Province, after the ones at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Sichuan University. Up to now, 35 computer-based IELTS Test Centres have been set up in 22 Chinese cities, providing two types of tests on computers, namely Academic and General Training tests. The establishment of this test centre will further meet the needs for the opening up of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle at a higher level, contributing to the cultivation of Chinese youth's global competence.

The first examination date of the centre was on 9 April, 2022, with numerous candidates registered.