CDU Students Win the Championship of the Southwest Regional Contest of 2021 "HEP" Cup National Business Practice Contest
Author:Zhou Yiqiao          Source:College of Foreign Languages and Cultures         Date:2021-11-30

On the morning of November 13, the Southwest Regional Contest of 2021 "HEP" Cup National Business Practice Contest, jointly sponsored by the China Shippers' Association, Business English Major Working Committee, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Higher Education Press, was held in Chengdu University. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the contest was held online. Chengdu University, as the organizer of the Southwest Regional Contest, planned, organized and arranged the whole contest.

Wang Xiaojun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Chengdu University, attended the opening ceremony. Prof. Lyu Shisheng from Beijing Language and Culture University, Prof. Li Yi from Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Prof. Wang Jinquan from Yangzhou University, Prof. Tan Honghui from Yangtze University and Prof. Lin Mingjin from Fujian Normal University were invited as the judges of this regional contest.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Wang Xiaojun pointed out that the purpose of the National Business Practice Contest is in line with the goal of the talent training of Chengdu University. Both of them aim to focus on morality and talent cultivation, adhere to the philosophy of people-centred education, and the values of four commitments to common sense, duty, original aspirations and dreams", strengthen education and teaching reform, build open and flexible curriculum and learning support systems, cultivate high-quality applied talents, and enhance industry-university-research cooperation and collaboration.

The National Business Practice Contest is a well-known contest that has been held for 14 years. Similar to previous contests, this one is themed with "Silver Economy and Business Vitality", highlighting the characteristics of "the combination of theory and practice". It aims to cultivate students' business English communication skills, improve their quality of combining business knowledge with practical skills, promote the integration of theory and practice of English business courses in colleges and universities, and encourage contemporary college students to focus on the sustainable development of enterprises and society, as well as social hot issues. It also tries to inspire college students' innovative thinking, guide college students to devote themselves to practice, conduct in-depth enterprise investigation and research, learn and summarize the successful business philosophy and management model of the enterprise, explore feasible and effective innovative solutions to business problems, and encourage them to strive to grow into international comprehensive business talents who can serve the society with what they have learned.

A total of 6 teams from five provinces and cities in southwest China participated in the Southwest Regional Contest. After three hours of fierce competition, the "+∞ Team" from the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Chengdu University won the championship and successfully got through to the 2021 "HEP" Cup National Business Practice Contest. This is the best result our students have achieved since their participation in the National Business Practice Contest.

The College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Chengdu University always focuses on the cultivation of students' application ability in teaching practice to seek more and better opportunities for students' career development. In addition to the construction of professional connotation, the Business English Department is also constantly expanding the industry link to its major to promote the integration of cross-border e-commerce related courses and practice in talent training, and actively explore a new model of major construction with school-based characteristics.