Chengdu University-Stirling College Receives Approval to Be the First Chinese-Foreign Cooperatively-run School in CDU 
Author:Du Jie, Gao Jing          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2021-05-18

In May 2021, “Stirling College, Chengdu University”, jointly founded by Chengdu University and the University of Stirling, UK was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a Chinese-foreign cooperative educational institution with a non-independent legal personality.

Stirling College is the sixth undergraduate Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school in Sichuan Province and the first one in Chengdu. It is an international health and sports industry college to serve the national strategy of “Healthy China” and Chengdu’s competition-driven development strategy. As the first Chinese and foreign cooperative institution on the theme of sports and health in China, Stirling College is a landmark achievement of Chengdu University in promoting the implementation of the upgraded “internationalization strategy” and an important milestone in the journey of building a distinctive first-class applied city university in China.

Stirling College draws on the advanced concept of cultivating innovative undergraduate talents in British higher education. Based on the concept and model of the modular degree course and cross-disciplinary teaching of the University of Stirling, the college systematically introduces the British curriculum system and assessment model, and integrates the disciplinary advantages, school characteristics and high-quality teachers of both sides into the international teaching model. In order to meet the needs of the whole chain of health and sports industry in the post-pandemic era, big data era and integrated media era, the college takes “national health literacy + data literacy + media literacy” as the core quality of talents, and cultivates high-quality applied innovative talents who are familiar with the international standards of the industry and have both patriotism and global competencecompe

In July 2019, Neville Wylie, Deputy Principal of the University of Stirling, visited Chengdu University

In December 2020, Chengdu University and the University of Stirling,UK participated in the online defense of Chinese-foreign joint program in running school organized by the Ministry of Education

Stirling College planned to offer three undergraduate majors in Leisure Sports, Data Science and Big Data Technology, as well as Networki and New Media, with 300 undergraduate students enrolled each year, for a total of 1,200 students. Admissions to Stirling College are included in the national enrollment plan for higher education institutions. In 2021, the first enrollment will be open to the whole country.

Overlook of Chengdu University campus

Stirling College adopts the “4+0” model, which allows students to experience high-quality international education without leaving the country, and to enjoy the pure and quality British higher education in China. Upon completion of the required studies and meeting the requirements for awarding degrees, students will receive a graduation certificate and a bachelor’s degree certificate from Chengdu University, as well as a bachelor’s degree certificate of the corresponding major from the University of Stirling,UK. The college also offers ample global exchange programs for students to freely design their overseas study plans. Students with excellent grades can directly enter the master’s degree or doctorate programs at the University of Stirling.

Campus landscape at the University of Stirling,UK

It is reported that up to now, the Ministry of Education has approved 135 Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools with non-independent legal personality, which provide undergraduate and above level programs, and 1147 Chinese-foreign joint program in running -school.

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The University of Stirling was established in 1967 by a mandate from the Queen and is ranked 485th in the 2020-2021 QS World University Rankings. Located in Stirling, once the capital of the Kingdom of Scotland, the university is one of the most innovative, beautiful and outstanding UK public universities, one of the top universities in Scotland and one of only 16 outstanding universities in the UK with five-star sports facilities and one of the most modern universities in the UK. The university was named UK Sports University of the Year 2020. The University of Stirling has one of the top sports schools in the UK and the No.1 journalism and media school in Scotland. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 by discipline, the university is ranked in the top 5 for media. The university was awarded a five-star rating by QS Stars in 2021, Top 20 in the UK for student satisfaction in National Student Survey (NSS) 2020, and Top 30 best UK universities in the Guardian University Rankings 2021. It was successfully ranked first in Scotland in the latest International Student Barometer (ISB) for its quality staff and teaching feedback.

Chengdu University was officially established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in 1978. It is a university jointly established by Sichuan Province and Chengdu City, and a key comprehensive university supported by Chengdu, a national central city. It is the host university of the athletes’ village of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games Chengdu 2021, and is ranked 249th in ShanghaiRanking’s Best Chinese Universities Ranking 2021 and 163rd in the “International Competitiveness” section of the previous ranking. The university is vigorously implementing the project of connecting one college to one international first-class discipline (university) and the global exchange program for students. It has signed the memorandum of cooperation with 124 universities and institutions in 35 countries and regions. It has jointly built a Confucius Institute and four Confucius Classrooms together with the University of New Hampshire in the United States, winning the title of “Confucius Institute of the Year” in 2019. It has enrolled a total of 2,560 international students from 54 countries. The university carries out four undergraduate and college-level Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs. It has held International Exchange Week for five consecutive years, and nearly 600 foreign experts have come to the university, and the specially-appointed Thai expert Chaphiporn Kiatkachatharn received the “Chinese Governments Friendship Award”. Sichuan Provincial Research Institute of Thai Studies at Chengdu University was included in the list of State and Regional Research Centers Registered in the Ministry of Education. It facilitates the establishment of international sister-city relations between Chengdu and Chiang Mai, Thailand and Hamilton, New Zealand. It leads the establishment of “Chengdu International Sister Cities Higher Education Institutions Alliance” and serves as the secretariat of the Alliance.