Brief Introduction to Digital Animation Experimental Teaching Center

The Digital Animation Experimental Teaching Center is a demonstration center of experimental teaching in universities in Sichuan Province. It has received special financial support from the central government twice and special financial support for school laboratories three times. It consists of the Motion Capture Laboratory and the VR Laboratory.

Motion Capture Laboratory: Using advanced unmarked motion capture camera technology, it can track a pixel in different camera positions through optical flow photo measurement, and get the precise position of each path and the motion trajectory of a model by combining the processing results with the moderately fine model and matching the pixel with each node of the model.

VR Laboratory: Integrating advanced somatosensory VR technology, interactive simulation numerical control machine and diversified entertainment content, it enables seamless integration of VR devices, peripheral hardware and entertainment software, which can be used in animation modeling design, product design, landscape design, cultural heritage protection and other fields.