Brief Introduction to Basic Radio and Television Programming Laboratory

Established in 2008, the Basic Radio and Television Programming Laboratory mainly provides experimental and practical support for radio and television programming and MA majorsin the discipline "Drama and Film Studies", and has received special financial support from the central government twice, special financial support for school laboratories twice, and special support for the teaching equipment of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts once. The laboratory has 44 editing and packaging workstations under the brands Dayang, Avid and Apple, 33 high-definition and 4K cameras, 2 live production switchers, 2 recording and mixing workstations, as well as peripheral equipment such as film and television lights, EFP recorders, rail cars and stabilizers.

The laboratory consists of "Apple Film and Television Post-production Classroom", "Digital Studio", "Digital Acquisition and Editing Room" and "Digital Audio Production Laboratory", which provides with hardware support for high-definition shooting, nonlinear editing, synthesis and packaging, multi-channel live switching, basic television lighting, film and television recording and production, and other experiments.

The laboratory provides venues and hardware support for teaching experiments and practice of more than 10 courses, such as "Theory and Skills of Directing", "Television Editing" and "Motion Picture Shooting and Production". The laboratory is open to all students in the university and provides operation exercises for Final Cut X, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and TV interview lighting.