Central Laboratory of the School of Preclinical Medicine and School of Nursing

The Laboratory of the School of Preclinical Medicine and School of Nursing was founded in 1952 and has developed from the former laboratory of Chengdu Health School. After dozens of years of hard work of several generations and with the support from Macau, it has become a central laboratory with a certain scale, with a total construction area of 6,767 square meters, more than 2,000 sets of instruments and equipment, total assets of more than RMB 30 million and 10 full-time experimental teachers. It consists of three professional laboratories: Preclinical Medicine Laboratory, Nursing Professional Laboratory and Stomatological Technical Laboratory.

The Experimental Teaching Center of Preclinical Medicine includes a human anatomy laboratory, a pathology laboratory, a pathogenic biology and immunology laboratory, a microscopic interactive laboratory, a biochemical and molecular biology laboratory, a functional laboratory and other types of laboratories to meet the basic experimental teaching needs of the three undergraduate specialties of Nursing, Clinical and Stomatological Technology.

The Nursing Professional Laboratory consists of a basic nursing laboratory and a clinical nursing laboratory. The clinical nursing laboratory includes an internal medical nursing laboratory, a surgical nursing laboratory, a pediatric nursing laboratory, an obstetrics and gynecology nursing laboratory, a traditional Chinese medicine nursing laboratory and an ENT nursing laboratory to meet the daily teaching needs of core professional courses.

The Stomatological Technology Laboratory includes a  stomatological basic teaching laboratory, a stomatological clinical teaching laboratory, a dental technology casting room, etc. to meet the teaching needs of stomatological technology specialty.