Montessori Laboratory

Montessori education plays an important role in today's preschool education system and has a positive impact on the development and reform of preschool education in the world. It is beneficial to the development of theory and practice of preschool education in China to explore the localization of Montessori education. Montessori education is closely related to Preschool Hygiene, Preschool Education, Preschool Psychology, and other specialized courses. The Montessori Laboratory is arranged according to the basic standard of Montessori Children's Home. Taking daily life teaching aids, sensory teaching aids, mathematics teaching aids, language teaching aids, and scientific and cultural teaching aids as the carrier, and equipped with 120 high-quality Montessori teaching aid sets, it gives full play to the practice, training, and experimental research functions of Montessori education. The training projects that can be carried out include daily life education activity design, sensory training activity design, science education activity design, and language education activity design.