Coarse Cereals Processing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

The Key Laboratory of Coarse Cereals Processing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was established in 2016, covering an area of 2,400 m2 , with equipment and assets worth of nearly 30 million yuan and a high-level group of 41 permanent and non-permanent personnel, incorporating academic leading experts, academic leaders, and young academic backbones. To promote the sustainable development of the coarse cereal industry and by focusing on innovative research related to nutrition and function mechanism of special coarse cereals, key technologies of coarse cereal processing, and production of functional products, the Laboratory devotes itself to solving major scientific problems and breaking through major technological bottlenecks in the development of the industry. Aiming at growing into a distinctive and national top-notch R&D platform and an innovation base with a group of talents, the Laboratory has created a new research mode of the whole industrial chain of coarse cereals. It consists of the Resource Development and Utilization & Raw Material Production Research Laboratory, Coarse Cereal Processing Technology and High-quality Utilization Research Laboratory, Coarse Cereal Nutrition and Functions Research Laboratory, Analysis and Test Center, and General Office. In recent years, the Laboratory has obtained reams of achievements recognized at home and abroad. For example, it has undertaken over 40 major projects at provincial- and ministerial-level and higher levels, from the International S&T Cooperation Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Sci-Tech Support Plan, Modern Agriculture Industrial Technology System Program, commonweal projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Key R&D Plan of Sichuan Province. Over 300 papers have been published, 50 invention patents authorized, and 7 monographs published. In addition, 7 new high-quality species have been bred, including Miqiao No. 1 and Xiqiao No. 1. With the successful transformation of the core technologies in enterprises that effectively supports the healthcare industry and targeted poverty alleviation, the Laboratory has won 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, and 6 third prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Awards of Sichuan Province with relevant achievements, which has caught great attention from provincial and municipal leaders, and experts as well as the media for its significant outcomes and positive impact.