Chengdu University Achieves Seven-Year Consecutive Rise in ShanghaiRanking's Best Chinese Universities Ranking
Author:Zheng Lulu          Source:Development Planning Office (Institute of Higher Education)         Date:2024-04-25

On April 18, ShanghaiRanking, a higher education professional evaluation agency, officially released the "2024 Best Chinese Universities Ranking of ShanghaiRanking". The ranking of Chengdu University has been steadily improved again, ranking 232nd in the main list and 9th among universities in Sichuan. It has risen for 7 consecutive years, up 6 places from last year, with a cumulative increase of 218 places.

In this ranking, Chengdu University has performed well in many evaluation indicators and won high praise in terms of school-running resources and international influence. Compared with last year, Chengdu University has achieved significant improvement in discipline construction, teaching achievements, achievement transformation and international influence. Especially, it has made remarkable progress in the accuracy of advantageous disciplines, awards winning of science and technology innovation competitions and the quality of papers published in international journals.

In recent years, Chengdu University has formulated clear development strategies and plans, adhered to talent, characteristics, internationalization and digital strategy, promoted its all-round development, and made remarkable progress in many key areas. Four disciplines have ranked in the top 1% of ESI. A total of 27 majors have achieved the project initiation of first-class undergraduate construction sites under the "Double Ten Thousand Plan". Chengdu University has established partnerships with 186 universities and institutions worldwide, attracting more than 3,500 international students. Teachers and scientific research projects have won many national, provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. Chengdu University has actively promoted the local transformation of scientific and technological achievements, boosted the development of local economy, and been successfully responsible for the Athletes' Village for the 31st FISU Summer World University Games Chengdu 2021.

The tide is urging people to go forward, and the wind is just right to set sail. Chengdu University will continue to maintain a promising spirit, focus on the cultivation of high-quality application-oriented talents, take high-quality development as the main line, and further promote the integration of the university and city and that of industry and education. It will strive for the overall school-running strength and its international influence to reach a new high and make unremitting efforts to build a first-class application-oriented urban university with distinctive characteristics in China.