CDU's Three Disciplines Listed in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024
Author:Liu Hai          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Graduate Student Department (Discipline Construction Office)         Date:2023-10-30

On October 26, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024 were released. Chengdu University (CDU) had three disciplines featured on the shortlist, which included engineering (ranked in the 601-800 bracket globally), computer science (ranked in the 601-800 bracket globally), and clinical and health (ranked in the 801-1,000 bracket globally). It is worth mentioning that the discipline of computer science was shortlisted for the first time.

In recent years, CDU has placed discipline construction at the forefront, with first-class discipline development as its primary focus. It has initiated a comprehensive reform of the discipline construction system, aiming to advance its doctoral program applications and pursue excellence in peak discipline construction. Concurrently, it has implemented the peak discipline construction plan and consistently increased investment in both discipline construction and scientific research to foster a more conducive environment for discipline construction and optimize the allocation of resources. These efforts are geared towards providing accurate support for the development of advantageous disciplines, continuously unleashing the potential of disciplines, and achieving a steady output of high-level scientific research achievements, thereby significantly improving its overall discipline research capabilities. Based on these foundations, CDU has reinforced the top-level design of discipline construction, introduced innovative systems and mechanisms, and established priorities for discipline construction. It places great emphasis on cultivating advantageous characteristic disciplines, emerging disciplines, and interdisciplinary and basic disciplines. Through fostering these areas, it proactively strives for excellence in discipline construction, thereby bolstering its core competitiveness and augmenting its social influence on an expansive scale.

About the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024:

Based on the methodology of the World University Rankings 2024, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024 are regarded as one of the most comprehensive, rigorous, and impartial evaluations of research-intensive universities worldwide. The ranking list encompasses disciplines of arts and humanities, business and economics, clinical and health, computer science, education, engineering, law, life sciences, physical sciences, psychology, and social sciences. Its evaluation framework comprises 18 performance indicators and five primary indicators, including teaching, research quality, research environment, international outlook, and industry. The 2024 ranking list includes a total of 499 disciplines from 87 universities in Chinese mainland.