A Tribute to 19th Asian Games Hangzhou: Bilingual Book Translated and Edited by CDU Professors Available at Hangzhou Asian Games Village
Author:Wang Lihua          Source:College of Overseas Education         Date:2023-09-28

The book Hangzhou Through Poetry and smart touch cards of poems, produced by Ximalaya, are on display in the Chinese Learning Area of Hangzhou Asian Games Village

Recently, the bilingual book (Chinese-English) Hangzhou Through Poetry was officially on display in the Chinese Learning Area of Hangzhou Asian Games Village. This book was translated by Professor Wang Yige, a high-level foreign expert at the College of Overseas Education, Chengdu University (CDU), and former Director of the Confucius Institute, University of New Hampshire, and edited by Associate Professor Liu Yaling at CDU Stirling College and Professor Liu Yunchun at Sichuan International Studies University. Zhejiang Ximalaya Network Technology Co., Ltd. has designed 21 smart touch cards of poems for the book. Athletes can scan the QR code or use the provided smart touch headphones to listen to the recitations of classic poetry in both Chinese and English and the translator's readings in the old Hangzhou dialect, which is very close to the official speech of the Southern Song Dynasty. In just three months, the audio program Hangzhou Through Poetry has been played nearly 700,000 times on the Himalaya FM app.

Athletes learn about Hangzhou Through Poetry in the learning area

This book was published with the support of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Zhejiang University Press, the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures and the College of Overseas Education at CDU, and Zhejiang International Studies University, as well as the relevant departments of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government. The diversity of civilization emerges from interaction while their richness is derived from mutual appreciation and learning. The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou is not only a cultural exchange but also a grand celebration of mutual learning and appreciation of civilizations. Athletes from different countries can not only experience the beauty of Hangzhou but also learn about the landscape, humanity and long history of Hangzhou through ancient poems. As a tribute to the Games, Hangzhou Through Poetry celebrates the greatness of Chinese culture, spreads friendship and understanding around the world, and promotes friendly exchanges among nations.