CDU Has Another Discipline Ranking ESI Global Top 1%
Author:Xu Mi          Source:Graduate Student Department (Discipline Construction Office) Science and Technology Department (Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Center)         Date:2023-09-18

On September 15, Clarivate Analytics released the latest ESI Citation Thresholds, covering data from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2023. The Materials Science discipline of Chengdu University (CDU) entered the top 1% of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) globally. This marks that the Materials Science discipline has stepped into the ranks of the international first-class discipline ranking and demonstrates its discipline strength and international influence. To date, a total of four CDU disciplines (Engineering, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, and Materials Science) have entered the ESI global top 1%, which is another manifestation of the high-quality CDU discipline development.

In this issue of ESI data, there are 206 TOP papers at CDU. The total number of articles counted in the discipline of Materials Science is 894, including 18 TOP articles, with a total number of citations of 8,699, ranking 1,270th in the world. The three disciplines of Engineering, Agricultural Science and Chemistry that have entered the ESI global top 1% have seen their rankings rise compared with the previous period. The total of engineering papers is 887, with a total of 11,760 citations, ranking 1,017th in the world, up 32 places. The total of agricultural science papers is 543, with a total of 6,388 citations, ranking 679th globally, up 40 places. The total number of chemistry papers is 972, with a total of 13,147 citations, ranking 1,354th globally, up 47 places. These achievements showcase the good development momentum of CDU.

In recent years, CDU has placed discipline construction at the forefront, with first-class discipline development as its primary focus. It has deepened the reform of discipline construction system, and continued the development work of doctoral degree-granting institution and peak discipline. It has continously increased investment in both discipline construction and scientific research, and significantly improved its research capacity and overall academic standards. CDU has closely aligned with the developmental needs of modern industries in the region, and improved its discipline construction and research outputs, thus gradually expanding its discipline influence and impact. On this basis, CDU has reinforced the top-level design of discipline construction, innovated the institutional mechanism of discipline construction, and planned the key focus of discipline construction. It emphasizes the construction of strong and specialized disciplines, emerging disciplines, interdisciplinary, and basic disciplines, so as to provide strong support for the further enhancement of the CDU’s core competitiveness and social influence.

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The Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is one of the basic analytical and evaluation tools to measure the performance of scientific research and track the trend of scientific development. ESI is an academic evaluation index that is developed by Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Technology), and based on the Web of Science Core Collection of academic journal articles and citation data. It analyzes influential scientists, institutions, papers, journals, and countries in 22 disciplines. ESI statistics is calculated over a 10-year period and updated every two months on a rolling basis.