CDU Men's High-level Football Team Wins Championship in the 2021-2022 China University Football League (Sichuan Competition Area)
Author:Guan Yishi          Source:College of Physical Education         Date:2021-12-22

The competition of 2021-2022 (22nd) China University Football League (Sichuan Competition Area), organized by the Federation of University Sports of China and hosted by the Education Department of Sichuan Province, has just come to an end. The men's high-level football team of our university won the championship.

The competition is divided into two stages, and the first stage is the 2nd Sichuan "Gongga Cup" Youth School Football Competition. Football teams from 46 universities including Chengdu Sport University, Sichuan University, Sichuan Normal University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics participated in the competition. Both men's and women's high-level football teams of our university won all of their group matches and were qualified for the second stage of the 2021-2022 China University Football League (Sichuan Competition Area).

In the second stage of the league, the men's high-level team fully demonstrated its strong strength, and defeated more than ten high-level football teams of Sichuan's universities all the way, winning the championship with a clean sweep! Besides, the team also won the best coach, best player and best goalkeeper of the league. After 40 years, the men's football team of Chengdu University (CDU) won the championship again and returned to the top of the university football in Sichuan. Our women's high-level football team played excellently in the competition, fully showed their strength, and won the second place in the final battle.