16 More Master's Degree Programs to be Available at Chengdu University
Author:Xu Mi, Gao Shanshan          Source:Graduate Student Department (Discipline Construction Office)         Date:2021-11-12

The Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council recently released the lists of the doctoral and master's degree-granting programs newly approved for 2020 and the degree-granting programs revoked and added through dynamic adjustment for 2020. For Chengdu University (CDU), Marxist Theory, as a first-level discipline under which master's degrees can be granted, was newly approved, along with 9 more professional master's degree programs (Law, Electronic Information, Machinery, Resource and Environment, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Biology and Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Business Administration). And 6 first-level disciplines (Materials Science and Engineering, Design, Chinese Language and Literature, Computer Science and Technology, Chemistry, and Preclinical Medicine) offering master's degrees were added through dynamic adjustment. 16 master's degree-granting programs were added in total through approval and dynamic adjustment, ranking high among colleges and universities in China.

CDU now has 9 first-level disciplines granting master's degrees and 16 categories offering professional master's degrees, covering nine fields of Law, Education, Literature, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management, and Art. These newly added programs represent CDU's hard work over the years in discipline building and postgraduate training that have gained recognition and support. It shows that the university is responding positively to the effort made by the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and the Chengdu Municipal People's Government in supporting CDU to develop into a first-class city university with distinctive characteristics in China. Moreover, this is also a good opportunity for CDU to strengthen its capacity to serve the regional social and economic development of Chengdu.

During the period of the "14th Five-Year Plan", CDU will keep promoting its degree-granting program development, constantly improving its postgraduate education and consolidating the foundation for doctoral degree programs building. It will spare no effort to bring its teaching to a new level and finally to build a first-class city university with distinctive characteristics in China.