Teacher of Chengdu University Publishes a Paper of Art in A&HCI Journals for the First Time
Author:Cai Yexin          Source:Social Science Department         Date:2020-06-19

In June 2020, the paper titled A reimagined world: international tertiary dance education in light of COVID-19”,written by Tuomeiciren Heyang, Vice Dean of the School of Music and Dance of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University, was published in the Research in Dance Education,the online publication of an international academic journal included in A&HCI. This is the first artistic academic paper of Chengdu University published in journals included in A&HCI.

This paper examines the effect of the sudden COVID-19 pandemic on the current situation and future development of global dance education in higher education institutions. The author shares his three pieces of early experience in the first person and explores how to maintain international relations and global dialogue in dance education and the ways to innovate online dance education.