Drinking Water Source Protection Research

Chengdu Key Laboratory of Drinking Water Source Protection Research was approved to be jointly established by the Pixian Environmental Protection Bureau and Chengdu University in August 2012. It is a key university laboratory in Sichuan Province, approved by the Education Department of Sichuan Province. Committed to the pollution control and water supply safety of key water sources in Sichuan Province, the laboratory aims to assess, study and solve the environmental impact of drinking water sources, water quality protection and improvement, sustainable use of water resources, pollution accident early warning and emergency systems, water quality monitoring and information-based management and other aspects. This comprehensive and innovative laboratory with interdisciplinary and multi-directional integration has been constructed to provide a basic platform for students to improve their professional quality and ability and join in scientific research in advance. The laboratory will also become a platform for government to offer technical guarantee and support of water supply and environmental safety.

There are 22 teachers in the laboratory, including 5 professors, 8 associate professors, and 9 lecturers. Among them, there are 18 doctors, 2 Ph.D. candidates, and 2 masters. 4 of them have obtained the National Registered Environmental Impact Assessment Engineer Certificate and 1 has obtained the National First-Grade Registered Construction Engineer Certificate. Since the laboratory was approved for construction, it has received more than RMB 2 million for vertical research projects and more than RMB 3 million for horizontal research projects. Teachers have published more than 150 relevant papers, 16 authorized invention patents, 12 authorized utility models, and 6 authorized software copyrights. They have undertaken more than 40 local service projects in total and obtained 3 provincial achievement appraisal certifications.