Latest Research Achievement of Ma Mengyue at the College of Overseas Education Published in the Top International Journal
Author:Wu Dan          Source:Office of International Cooperation and Exchange         Date:2021-10-12

Recently, Ma Mengyue at the College of Overseas Education, Chengdu University has published a journal article as the first/corresponding author in a top international journal, with Chengdu University as the first affiliation. This paper is entitled "The Impacts of City Size and Density on CO2 Emissions: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration" and published in Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy (Grade 4 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, JCR Q3, IF: 2.318).

The study has analyzed the relation between the city size and the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, making a contribution to the current body of knowledge regarding the relationship between urban form and CO2 emission. It could help the city's governors and decision makers to take the right moves when planning out the urban form and provide strong scientific support for CO2 emission reduction policies. In addition, it has proposed new thoughts on actions to cope with climate change and facilitate sustainable growth from the perspective of the urban form management.

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Ma Mengyue, with a dual master's degree awarded by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Wuhan University, was employed by the College of Overseas Education, Chengdu University as foreign student counselor in 2021. Ma's research interests are sustainable growth, environmental planning and management