【Yingming Lecture】 Geng Fang: Preliminary Study on the Mechanism of Poultry Egg Processing Based on Foodomics Technology

Lecturer: Geng Fang, Special Researcher at the School of Food and Biological Engineering of Chengdu University. He mainly works on the science and technology of egg products and has been selected into the Program for Academic and Technical Leaders Candidates of Sichuan Province. He has won the first prize of the Technological Invention Award of Hubei Province (the third place and was selected among the 3rd session of the "Top 10 Outstanding Representative Figures of the China Egg Processing Industry". He headed one General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), one Young Scientists Fund and one sub-project of the "13th Five-Year Plan" National Key Research and Development Program and co-headed three programs of NSFC (one general program, one regional program and one joint fund). He has published 29 high-level papers as the first author/correspondent author (with 15 papers in Zone 1 and 7 papers in Zone 2 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences journals), of which one was selected as the highly cited paper and one as the hot paper in Essential Science Indicators (ESI). He obtained one US authorized patent and 8 Chinese authorized invention patents. He edited one textbook and participated in the edition of one monograph. He is a member of the Youth Working Committee of the Chinese Association of Animals Products Processing and serves as a reviewer of several SCI journals.

Main Content: Food is a typical complex material system, which features the coexistence of multi-type components, multi-dimensional interaction and coupling and multi-scale structure stacking. Its various substances (elements) form (connect) a "system" with sensory texture and nutritional efficacy (function) through a certain structure (structure). With the help of high-throughput foodomics analysis technology, the protein and its modified structure in poultry eggs were systematically analyzed. On this basis, through the systematic study of functional characteristics, microstructure and material composition, the molecular mechanism of the difference in functional characteristics between the thick egg white and thin egg white, the molecular mechanism of the change in thermal gel characteristics of egg white during hot processing, and the molecular mechanism of the changes in assembly structure and interface characteristics of yolk granule during ultrasonic processing were preliminarily explored. The key molecules of the change of quality characteristics of poultry eggs during hot/physical processing were found, which provided an important reference for the optimization of poultry egg processing technology and the acquisition of high-quality egg products.

Time: 14:00 on March 26 (Friday)

Venue: C310, Integrated Building

Sponsor: School of Food and Biological Engineering